We are always on the look out for potential recruits. Successful applicants will have a STCW II/ 2 Master Unlimited Certificate of Competency, have a well-founded background of ship-handling, preferably have command experience and will be required to live within an hour's travel time of the pilot station at Eastham.


Trainee pilots commence a six month approved training course at the end of which, following a successful examination, the Competent Harbour Authority will issue them with a Class IV authorisation. As experience is gained, further examinations follow and the pilot can move up the Classes. It takes a minimum six years from commencement of training to gain an unrestricted Class I authorisation.


Piloting vessels on the Ship Canal is very 'hands on' and is always performed in very close proximity to navigational hazards. It is not for the faint-hearted. If a career as a Manchester Pilot is of interest then we request that you send your cv to the e-mail address on the contact page, marked 'FAO The Training Officer' in the subject line.

Manchester Pilotage Services Limited